What is the best option for your brand?
Numsight helps you to identify your strategic targets and to activate them on digital media!

Building your segmentation and prioritizing your strategic targets

strategic segmentationThe strategic segmentation, based on the customer knowledge and competitive environment analysis is a key component of your business strategy. It gives you the capability to understand your market landscape and to set up your Brand vision.

At Numsight, we build a « 360° customer knowledge­ » by analyzing the information coming from different sources such as data bases, marketing surveys and web navigations. We aim at better understanding your targets: What are their attitudes? What are their motivations and expectations? What are their usage and habits? Do they use your products and brands or do they prefer other competitors’ brands?

The strategic segmentation allows you to identify and to prioritize the growth opportunities offering the strongest potential for your company.

From a strategic to an actionable segmentation

Numsight CRM Tendances

But at this stage, it is also very important to know how to turn this customer knowledge into actionable Marketing plans as well.
For example, how to optimize your products portfolio? How to identify winning new concepts? How to define more accurate communication plans in relations to your segments? How to build more efficient plans for each client targets? And last but not least, how to better activate your customer segments through media?

programmatic strategic segmentation

Digital allows to get extremely rich and complete data such as interests, habits and usage of customers and their communities, thus allowing more affinity segments. For example, starting from a pre-chosen audience, thanks to the segmentation, the company will be able to target – twin profiles – on digital media.

Thanks to programmatic marketing today, the company may shape its own campaigns based on several criteria. It can, at any time, adjust or cancel a campaign if the results are not convincing enough in order to program a new one. This allows to optimize the media performance and to better allocate its digital media budgets on the strategic targets.

Two activation modes could be considered depending on your media objectives:

  • A ‘powerful campaign’ based on macro-segmentation will aim at obtaining a high reach on each concerned segment. It will be achieved by selecting over represented index criteria of each segment.
  • A ‘selected campaign’ based on more accurate segmentation will aim at winning in precision. It will be achieved by targeting web users on several criteria to insure they belong to the right segment. We will get therefore a more exclusive targeting though a weaker reach.

This is why it has become strategic for companies to work on their segmentation to setup actionable and successful marketing operations, including digital media activation.